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Combination of our TMJ therapy and sleep apnea treatment

“So today we’re here with Zachary who is a combination of our TMJ therapy and sleep apnea patients. Tell us about your experience with what got you in to do a sleep study.”

“I couldn’t open my mouth and I knew that something was up. So I made a phone call to come in and they did like the little measurement and obviously it wasn’t what it was supposed to be. So, at first, I took some steroids and you know it went away and I was fine. And then a couple of weeks later it came back and I was, like, something must really be up. So I came back in to do a sleep test. So I did a sleep test and come to find out I had sleep apnea and TMJ as well. So I had to get these two appliances and after weeks of daily treatment I was able to recover. Now, I wake up feeling like a million bucks.”

“So you got full range of motion now and all your pain your shoulder pain and back pain and hip pain is all gone.”

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