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Dr. Terry Billings and Dr. Emily Levy are located in Metairie, LA

We provide exceptional dental care in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.

Google Reviews

  • review rating 5  After hearing alternatives to correct a "chipped" tooth" I chose a crown procedure. The procedure was not uncomfortable and completed in a short period of time.I look forward to step 2 fully confident it will will completed successfully.

    thumb Manuel Perez
  • review rating 5  So thankful to Dr. Levy! She came in on Thanksgiving morning to assess my daughter's chipped front teeth after a fall in the tub. I am so appreciative of her willingness to come in and help on a holiday when other places told me I would have until the following week. She was kind, compassionate, and answered all my questions clearly and patiently. Thank you Dr. Levy!

    thumb Angela Guthrie
  • review rating 5  Dr. Billings and Dr. Levy quite possibly saved my life. You don't hear that often about a dentist, but his attention to detail, meticulous examination and in-office testing led to uncovering a severely deviated septum that needed prompt surgical intervention. I'm forever grateful for him and his entire staff. Dr. Billings noticed that I checked yes to a few items on his questionnaire. When he began asking about my fatigue, sluggish feeling, etc. I blamed it on the kids and being a parent of two young boys. After his dental exam, he insisted that there could be more to my symptoms. After a chat, we decided to do an in-office Facial CT scan. It's been 4 years since I had one, so I agreed. Everything was promptly scheduled, and their text reminders kept me on schedule. I did the CT scan, and Dr. Billings pointed out my severely deviated septum and recommended I get a prompt ENT evaluation. I brought a printout of the CT to my next appointment, and I ended up having sinus surgery 3 weeks later. Immediately after surgery, I knew something was different. After healing, I was sleeping better, breathing better and, sure enough, less sluggish and not reaching for my 3pm coffee. All from going to the dentist. My teeth look great, too! Dr. Billings has opened my eyes to understand that dentists are part of the entire medical team, and when using their training to the fullest, they can change lives.

    thumb Arden Ballard