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Kodak Cosmetic Imaging Software

The Kodak Cosmetic Imaging Software enables us to take digital photographs of the patient’s mouth and simulate his or her smile with different cosmetic restorations, such as bleachings, bondings, diastema closures, veneers, and porcelain crowns. Being able to visualize the recommended treatment makes the case more exciting and gives the patient a better idea of what the end results will be.

Logicon Caries Detector Software

This software is a technological tool available to dentists to help detect cavities between teeth, called interproximal cavities. The software compares a digital X-Ray of the patient’s teeth with a database of known problems. It then highlights any areas of concern, indicating the depth of the cavity. This alerts the dentist to check the area more closely for further evaluation. Results are then permanently saved digitally in the patients chart. Early detection of cavities leads to less invasive procedures, reducing the need for more involved treatment in the future.

Intra-Oral Camera

It lets you see what we see! To help provide you with the best dental care, we utilize the intra-oral camera. The camera is a small, pen-shaped wand used to show problems such as deteriorating fillings, fractured teeth, bleeding gums, soft tissue injuries, or any other dental abnormalities. The camera is painless and does not emit any radiation. Seeing these images helps the patient understand any recommended treatment. When finished, these images are digitally stored in the patient’s chart for permanent record.

Clinical Computers

Our practice has technologically advanced considerably. We have integrated clinical computers in each operatory. Having these computers aids us in treating patients because the records are now digitally recorded.

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Digital X-Rays

Dr. Billings uses digital X-Rays to provide a higher quality of dental care and more accurate diagnoses. The process of digitally capturing an image is faster, safer, and more comfortable for the patient.

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Myofunctional Research Systems

Mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, incorrect swallowing and other bad oral habits cause crooked teeth, poor facial development, and other common problems.

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