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Home Testimonials

For several years I had been using conventional C-PAP therapy to control sleep apnea.  After a couple of hospital stays in 2013 in which I was required to bring my inhalation equipment for use during post-op treatments, I started developing recurring  bouts of bronchitis-which I had never experienced before.

After having a conversation with my primary care physician about C-PAP usage and possible bronchitis episodes, he referred me to Dr. Billings to be fitted with an oral appliance for sleep apnea.

My first visit was an enlightening one as Dr. Billings explained the nuances of oral appliance therapy.  It was a very congenial an informative meeting with both staff and Dr. Billings.

My next visit to the practice involve appliance fitting.  Nothing was left to my imagination as Dr. Billings and his assistant went through appliance usage practices, dietary guidelines, regular nasal spray and nose cone usage, as well as care and cleaning of the appliance.  I never felt rushed through the explanations and all of my questions were readily answered.  Dr. Billings and his assistant were most concerned with my having a good idea of what was involved in appliance usage and made a distinct impression that if it was going to work for me; I had to make a conscience decision to “stick with the program”.

I am pleased to report that by following all of what Dr. Billings instructed me to do, that my experience with my oral appliance has been incredible.  I sleep non-stop; I wake up refreshed, and I am no longer exhausted all of the time.  I am still having a struggle with dieting and exercise, but my energy level is undeniable higher. I attribute all of this to oral appliance therapy and Dr. Billings’ and his staff’s determination to improve my quality of life.  My sincere appreciation goes out to him and his staff for improving my sleep patterns thereby improving my overall health.

Just another thing needs to be mentioned.  Mrs. Billings did an exemplary job in handling the Medicare/United Health Care paperwork.  My sincere appreciation to her for sparing me of that job!

If  you are considering a switch from C-PAP therapy, I highly recommend Dr. Billings and his staff.  Even though you will   need commitment and determination to resolve your sleep issues, you will find no absence of either at this practice.

Marvin L.

During a recent routine checkup and cleaning you suggested I be tested for Sleep Apnea due to certain symptoms I exhibited.

I took the overnight test at the Sleep Medicine Center in Baton Rouge.  The results were shocking: Severe Sleep Apnea Syndrome.

How can I thank you enough since your suggestion may have saved my life?

Danny H

After 5 years of restless nights with my CPAP machine (could not find a mask to fit right), and difficulty staying awake while driving just 60 miles, my doctor recommended I try the SomnoMed device. After some research, I decided to get one. I didn’t notice any immediate changes, but family and friends told me they noticed I was more alert and staying awake later than I used to. I realized I was sleeping better, longer, and dreaming more. I’ve been using SomnoMed for 3 months. I recently did a 60 mile drive and when I got back, I realized I stayed awake and alert the whole drive. I know I could not have done it while using CPAP. I highly recommend SomnoMed to anyone considering it. It’s definitely the best investment in myself I have ever made!

D.K. Isbell

Trying to describe my years as a patient of Dr. Billings I came up with three words to describe him, his practice, and staff: CARING, CONCERNED and CONNECTED.I started out as a patient almost 25 years ago, after fearful trips to other dentists. I have always felt that Dr. Billings and his staff put me first. In truth, all of his patients are given that special treatment. He and his staff go that extra mile for everyone.

To say why I’d single out this dental practice as special I would have to name every caring professional who works there. You feel it. It’s a team, a family, people who are not only friendly, but friends.

So from Shannie who checks me in with a smile to Tammy, Missy and Renee’ who stand beside me when I’m in the “Chair” to Linda and Judy who check me out, this is a practice with CLASS.

Dr. Billings, you should be proud!

Jackie N.

Dr. Billings is on top of the latest techniques. I have sleep apnea and I couldn’t use the face apparatus. Two coworkers have same problem & they recommended Dr. Billings. It’s a mouth piece you sleep with. I sleep much better. I don’t fall asleep during the day anymore unless I have a big lunch. Which is another area Dr. Billings helped me. How to eat without inflaming your body with food that causes your body with inflammation. Oh, I forgot to mention his staff. They are the best. Polite and very friendly. They will help you with anything you need.

Cynthia C.

I have suffered with Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (hereafter TMJ) for the past 18 months. First symptom began with vertigo to right side of head, numbness, pinching in neck and equilibrium. Second symptom, agonizing jaw pain of popping, severe headaches, inflammation along brow/forehead, eyes and numbness of right temple and ear. Next, I called Terry J. Billings DDS and scheduled appointment for consultation and review. Day of appointment, X-Ray of jaw, examined teeth, balance and strength of body alignment. Impressions of teeth were custom made, one for lower (day appliance) and upper (night appliance.) My journey with TMJ is not pleasant but with dedication and perseverance; I have improved 95%. Yes, weaning from day appliance and sleeping peacefully through night rested when I waken. Dr. Terry J. Billings and Staff are truly amazing; they offer professional service with a smile. In closing, I highly recommend Terry J. Billings DDS for he is consummate in his field.

Kim L.

Simply put, Dr. Billings has changed my life greatly. I was having serious issues with sleep apnea and the cpap machine had failed as treatment. Dr. Billings had an oral appliance custom built for me that has worked perfectly. Now I can sleep at night and feel wonderfully rested when I wake up. I was in real bad shape before he came through for me. Dr. Billings went above and beyond in every way. He constantly keeps up-to-date on current technologies and breakthroughs in the treatment of sleep apnea.

Don P.

I have been going to Dr B for many years. I live on the North shore since Hurricane Katrina and have tried a number of dentists out on the north shore for myself and family, I still find myself comparing them all to the high standard, level of care and customer service that I have come to expect from a dentist. None of them have even come close to the level of service and care that I have come to expect from my dentist.
Choosing the right dentist is more than just taking care of your teeth, but it is also involves having a trust, having a good business relationship and working closely with patients to provide a care plan in the patient’s overall and long term best interest. Dr B always makes his patience needs and comfort a priority. He also remembers his roots and where he came from, He works hard for each family and their insurance coverage to give the best value he can to makes his services affordable and available to all patients who give the same level of commitment and loyalty back to him. He does not nickel and dime his patients. My only wish is that he would open another office in the Mandeville area so that I can send my kids to him for their appointments right after school whenever they need to go to the dentist. If you are looking for a top notch dentist in the greater New Orleans area, choose Dr Billings, You will not be disappointed!!!!!!! THANKS Dr B

Mike S.

I can’t thank Dr. Billings enough for helping me to get my life back. I used to suffer horribly with Sleep Apnea and could never get CPAP compliant and there were no methods that I thought were ever possible for my situation. I seriously thought that I was going to have to get surgery and that I would never get my Sleep Apnea under control. I suffered with this for many years. When I met initially with Dr. Billings he assured me that he would work with my insurance to get me the help that I needed and to make my treatment affordable. To sum it up I only had to pay $250 for my mouthpiece and over $4,000 worth of work was covered through my insurance. There isn’t any dentist that I have met in this city that would work well with my insurance like he did. I now sleep peacefully and wake up refreshed every morning ready to start my day. Also, Dr. Billings helped to refer me to an ENT that did a sinusplasy procedure on me due to me having Concha Bullosa that he discovered and diagnosed himself. I can now breathe better in my sleep and I no longer snore. I highly recommend Dr. Billings for all dentistry needs. He is by far the best dentist in the city.

Clay C.

Dr. Billings and his staff are wonderful. I have TMJ and Sleep apnea. I was in constant pain, my jaw would pop and hurt and I was fatigued everyday and I thought this was just my normal. Dr. Billings talked to me and suggested a day appliance for my TMJ and a night appliance for my Sleep apnea and TMJ. I have been wearing for appliances for 6 weeks. I follow the protocol and made life style changes and with the help and encouragement of Dr. Billings and his staff I feel terrific. I am pain free and fell refreshed in the morning no more feeling tried. I feel like a new person. I can not thank Dr. Billings and his staff enough for everything.
Thank You

Angel O.

My experience with Dr. Terry is nothing short of great. His office and staff make you feel completely comfortable during your visit. I am currently one of his patients suffering of TMJ. His business incorporates the newest technology and practices for treatment of this painful condition. I would Recommend Dr. Terry Billings to anyone who is looking for a great Dentist in the New Orleans Area.

Brandon S.

Terry Billings has been my dentist for over 20 years. During all that time I have received outstanding (and painless) treatment from Terry and his terrific staff. Many, if not most of his staff have been with him as long as i’ve been a patient, so the office is a comfortable and familiar place to visit. I trust his care absolutely and recommend him one hundred percent plus.

Terry stays up with the latest technologies and equipment but never loses his human, caring touch. He even offers an in-house insurance option which is very helpful for those of us who have none. Terry has instructed me over the years in proper dental care and hygiene which has resulted in great savings to me both financially and discomfort. Whenever there’s been a problem outside of my regular visits, I have been seen immediately, even on week-ends.

I think of Terry as a healer as well as dentist because of the way his goal is always to serve you and your problem as excellently as possible at reasonable cost. He is a really good man and a GREAT dentist.

Robert W.

I was referred to Dr. Billings office for a consultation regarding a dental appliance for sleep apnea. I was very impressed with Dr. Billings and his staff. Everyone was professional and friendly. I received the dental appliance for sleep apnea, and I am extremely satisfied, and I am now able to sleep through the night. I no longer have to use the CPAP machine which kept me up all night with having to adjust the nasal mask. My sleepiness during the day has stopped and I am enjoying a full nights sleep. I highly recommend Dr. Billings and highly recommend the dental appliance, for anyone struggling with a CPAP machine.

Doris D.

My husband and I were new patients and had extensive procedures. We were very pleased with Dr. Billings’ professionalism, ability and the way he made us feel comfortable when we were anxious. He explained everything, answered our questions and even did a personal follow-up call following the procedures. He wanted to make sure we were completely satisfied with the results. Appointments are very timely and the entire staff is competent and super nice. It is a very relaxed and almost family setting from Dr. B to all of his staff. Highly recommended.

Deborah R.

I’ve started going to Dr. Billings after he relocated due to Hurricane Katrina. I’ve had lots of dental work and I can honestly say every visit has been pleasant. Dr. Billing and his entire staff are extremely friendly and professional. After any major work, you will get a personal call from Dr. Billings that evening to check on you. He has trained his staff to be extremely competent in what they do so you do not have to wait for him to jump from patient to patient. Your appointment always starts on time and I’ve always been out of there within an hour. If you like to old fashion mindset of dentistry where you are put in a chair and only the dentist works on you and you are there for hours while he jumps from one patient to the next and returns, he is not for you. However, if you are looking for a state of the art office, with compentent friendly staff, and a caring dentist, this is the place to go.

Mary J.

Ever since I can remember I have always had sleep apnea problems. At first I was skeptical about this orthodontic device because I tried every possible measure you could imagine such as the CPAP, lying on my side, using a pillow that claimed to reduce sleep apnea episodes, but they all seemed ineffective. So, as you can imagine, I was already expecting this device to be a complete failure. Surprisingly, after using it, my sleep apnea problems soon began to lessen. Since I’ve started using it, I seldomly wake up in the middle of the night gasping for air. My snoring has decreased tremendously. Thus, I was able to have a much more restful sleep and I wake up feeling more refreshed than ever.

Most people who are in my shoes would probably have the same mindset that I had after hearing yet another device that would “supposedly” help with sleep apnea, but I can honestly say that it does work and they would have to try it to believe me. Thank you so much, Dr. Billings, for introducing me to this device. It has definitely done wonders for my sleep apnea problems allowing me to breathe easily without interruptions, which, in turn, help me feel more energized and invigorated every time I wake up. I will certainly recommend this device.

Tao Nha H.

I have been a user of the SomnoMed sleep apnea appliance for several years now. This came about after I was unable to tolerate the CPAP appliance and wow, what a difference. The SomnoMed has afforded me the opportunity to get a full night’s sleep without the hassle of a mask. When I awaken in the morning, I am fully rested and ready to proceed with my daily activities with a high energy level.

Thomas S.

Dox, I want to compliment you and your staff on a most professional office setting. As a professional myself, I am very aware of the importance of the true meaning of “professionalism”. It is is word that has become loosely used in recent times. You, your staff (Suzette, Linda, Judy, et al) and your work/patient environment all reflect true professionalism. Thank you for your dedication to your profession and service to us patients.

Lou S.

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Terry Billings about 13+ years. While we relocated from Chalmette to the north shore following Katrina, we followed Dr. Billings to Metairie for our continued dental care.I am in the medical profession and have set high standards for myself and, therefore expect exceptional patient care as well. Dr. Terry Billings meets and exceeds my expectations with his professionalism and excellent patient care. The family atmosphere of his office is just what I want for my family.

Having a history of severe oral problems had me frequently in and out of his office for years, I have witnessed Dr. Billings and his staff treating all patients with the same loving care and respect. I have never seen him or a staff member handle a situation any different than I would with the standards I have set for myself. He and his staff are always professional and kind to their patients.

Judy B.

Dr. Billings and his staff make a dynamic team! I have been going to Dr. Billings for over 15 years, and I am continually impressed at their skill and quality of work. The detailed personal attention offered is the best. I know that they will take care of me and my family as if they were their own. I have beautiful, straight teeth because of Dr. Billings and his staff, and always receive compliments on my great smile. Thank you Dr. B!

Leslie D.

When I originally chose Terry Billings as my dentist about 20 years ago, it was only because he was one of the dentists on my supplemental insurance list. Most of us at our restaurant chose him when he was located in Arabi. I’ve had teeth and gum problems my whole life and I’ve had extensive work done the past 20 years including root canals and bridges as well as gum surgery. Dr. Billings has done a terrific job. My bridges have lasted an amazingly long time and my teeth look great. I recently had an emergency where one of my teeth partially broke off while I was dining at a restaurant. It was the week before his new office was to open in Metairie and I was forced to visit one of his colleagues. After looking at what was going to involve extensive work and a complicated bridge, as well as gum surgery, he said he would be very concerned if it were anyone except Dr. Billings doing the work. I am now done with all the work, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. In addition, the staff at Dr. Billings office have all been with him forever (a pretty good endorsement in itself), and are the nicest people you would ever want to meet. They’re all so happy to have their new home in Metairie. I would certainly recommend Dr. Billings for anyone looking to have a positive dental experience.

Sandra H.

Let me start by stating that I very much dislike any dental work, or any doctor office visits for that matter. I needed A LOT of work done and this greatly added to my already high anxiety about going. I decided on Dr Billings solely based on the great reviews that I read here, and I definitely made the right choice. The building is very nice. Open spaces and a lot of windows with natural light coming in. The atmosphere is much better than the usual cold dark boxed in atmosphere I associate with most doctors offices. So right away I felt better about being there. The staff is very kind. Everyone I have come in contact with there has had a good attitude. The assistants will chat and joke with you and really help to make you feel comfortable. Even when you are finished and go to pay, you feel like it’s well worth it for the service you received. Dr Billings is great. He sees a lot of patients and he bounces around fast, but when he sits down to work on you he takes his time and does a great job. Like I said, I had a lot of work to get done. After many visits throughout the past year (due to having to wait for insurance renewal) I am now finished and I couldn’t be any more satisfied with the work Dr Billings has done. With each treatment I have had minimal pain that has faded quickly. On top of that, instead of just fixing you up, Dr Billings wants to find out what is causing any problems you may have so that you don’t continue to have those problems. He will talk to you about your options and suggest recommendations. He wasn’t nearly as hard on me as I was expecting just from all the work I knew I needed done. This is the last dentist you will ever need. Thanks again Doc, see you soon.
Devin D
Several of us here at the tattoo shop go to Dr Billings. He is TOP NOTCH ! He and his staff are great to work with and always treat us with respect. They are all so friendly and caring. We went to a few other dentist before finding him and always felt we had been taken advantage of. With Dr. Billings we actually look forward to going to see the dentist. How many people can say that ?
Imperial Tattoo
I consider Terry not only my Dentist but my friend. When I was trying to encourage my husband to resume having dental care as an adult (because he was terrified from a childhood experience with another dentist), I confided in Terry the problem that I was having. He offered to just have a consult where he didn’t even open my husbands mouth, just a meet and greet, so to speak. Needless to say, his patience, kindness, and skill won my husband over and now, years later, and with all the work that so desparately needed to be completed done, my husband has a smile that he can be proud of. I am forever grateful to Terry, Missy, and Tammy in his office for making that possible.
Cindy C.
I started going to Dr. B about 10 years ago, when his office was in Chalmette. I came in for a cleaning one day, and Dr. B asked me, “Have you been getting more frequent headaches lately?” I thought to myself, “wow, how did he know?” Dr. B told me I had TMJ and my bite was off, which was causing the headaches, and the headaches get worse when I am in my early 30s. After wearing braces to fix my bite, I rarely get headaches. I am so glad I stepped into his office 10 years ago. Not only did he take care of my teeth, he was also able to help me with my other problems. The office is always clean, and I rarely have to wait more than 5 minutes when I am there. I also love his friendly and caring staff. Dr. B will be my dentist and my three children’s dentist for life!
Suzy Q.
Myself and family of 5 have been seeing Dr. Billings and his staff for 28 yrs.
We followed him from Arabi,La. to Metairie. It has been 28yrs. of great dental care.
Joseph I.
The first time I was a patient at Dr. Billings office, I had an infected wisdom tooth that kept me home from work for days. He did some x-rays and showed me why they were infected and explained that it was time to get them out. He gave me some antibiotics and scheduled me to come in a week later and have them removed. His service was excellent, and I felt like I’ve been a patient there for years, when, in fact, that was only my first time. His whole staff were very courteous and eager to help walk me through the process. Needless to say, I’ve been a patient ever since.
Katie P.

I would like to express my deep appreciation for the wonderful and professional care that I have received over the years by you and your staff. Just recently in the past year I have had major dental work to include extractions and rebuilding with bridges the front of my mouth. I cannot tell everyone how wonderful I feel having a beautiful smile again due to the diligence and care that Dr. Billings and his staff have rendered. Dr. Billings makes his patients aware of all the different procedures that are available to the patient and guides the patient as to the effects of each procedure to allow his patient to make the correct decision. I am grateful for your patience with my decision process, and am more than thankful for the outcome of the decision you led me to. Your total staff is very professional and helpful from the front desk to the patient coordinator, and I would like to extend my thanks to Melissa and Tammy, dental assistants for making me feel secure and at ease whenever I am in the office. I actually look forward to coming to the dentist now due to the professionalism of you and your staff.

Eric R.

We first brought our children to Dr .Billings in 1983. We didn’t want our children to fear going to the dentist as we had when we were children. We’d heard about Bippo the Hippo and felt he would make the experience less frightening. They did enjoy Bippo but we, as adults became very impressed with Dr. Billings. He was obviously very current in his practice. He and his staff were very professional, pleasant and personable. We soon turned to his office for our dental care also.Dr. Billings and his staff have become like extended family members to Gary and me. Thanks to Hurricane Katrina we now live on the north shore but we wouldn’t think of going elsewhere for our dental care.

Gary and Charlotte H.

I’ve personally been a patient of Dr. Billings for over 25 years. However, it wasn’t until recently that I really understood just how committed he and his staff are to his patients and their overall dental well being. Personally, I don’t think anything of going to a dentist….never have. On the other hand, my 13 year old daughter, like most kids, has never been fond of visiting a doctor of any kind. She recently started a procedure that will ensure several of her late arriving permanent teeth will be aligned in the proper position. Dr. Billings took time to show us three dimensional images of her overall mouth and discussed the things that had to be done as the permanent teeth break through the gum. After several visits, extractions of stubborn baby teeth and easy to understand explanations as to what future procedures she could expect, my teenager is much more at ease about her dental visits. Lastly, she knows that in the end, Dr. B will provide her a smile she can be proud of.

Frank S.

Nobody loves going to the dentist, but a visit to the office of Dr. Terry Billings is always a pleasant experience. It starts with the clean, attractive and inviting layout of his waiting area, gets better with the warm smiles and smooth professionalism of each of his staff members, and puts me at ease in the dentist’s chair with the most modern equipment, up-to-date techniques and personalized service for every procedure. The real reward, however, is in the extraordinary quality of the care provided – from cleanings to crowns, from braces to root canals. For an experience where every patient is a VIP, the service in Dr. Terry Billings’s office cannot be matched.

Bob B.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my complete satisfaction with Dr. Billings and his staff. The quality of service and care provided along with a family atmosphere is excellent. The entire staff displays professionalism throughout your visit. Dr. Billings spends an inordinate amount of time with each patient explaining the diagnosis and the course of treatment. I would highly recommend any dental patient to consider Dr. Billings as their dental care provider.

Corky B.

I came to Dr. Billing’s office via the recommendation of my sleep apnea doctor because I was not responding well to C-Pap therapy (aka the machine). I knew I had the condition referred to a TMJ- inflammation of my jaw joint. Past dentists had said to me I see you have some TMJ but no one ever told me there was treatment for this condition.  The inflammation in my jaw joint was so bad I walked crooked and I was in constant back pain. When, Dr. Billings was diagnosing my condition he had me bite down on two tongue blades and walk. The relief I experienced from that small adjustment was amazing, I felt like I was walking on clouds. I cried the thought that the pain I had been experiencing for years could be eliminated was overwhelming. I could not wait to get my mouth splint (similar to a retainer). The even better news was that the night splint would help with my sleep apnea and the TMJ. The first week was tough getting used to the splint but I can say it was totally worth it. I got my splint on June 1, 2015, my jaw no longer makes horrible noises, and the pain is gone! The back pain is gone. I used to were special inserts in my shoes made by the foot doctor they are gone!   I used to go to the chiropractor at least once a month I have not been since February and don’t see the need to go anymore. The diet to reduce inflammation was the tough part. I finally said to my husband after about two months of still having trouble breathing though my nose and not sleeping well, “I don’t care what you eat but I am not eating bread, grains, rice, potatoes, etc. anymore.” I eat the same meat as my family but I don’t touch the starches. I eat more of the vegetables. I pack a lunch every day for work. I make a salad of organic baby lettuce, and I change up the other vegetables each week (baby cucumbers, radish, and tomatoes this week.) I buy organic when I can but just eating more raw vegetables has helped. I have been also have two organic boiled eggs, or some chicken breast, a quarter cup of unsalted nuts with some dried fruit (raisins, or low sugar cran-raisins) and some fresh fruit (apples, oranges, whatever is in season). I feel amazing I have lost weight. I am waking up before my alarm clock. I used to get up early in the morning to do yoga but I was so sleep deprived that I stopped. I am at the point now where I feel I can get up and start my day with a reward to myself a session of yoga. I look forward to life now where a year ago I was seriously depressed. My husband has seen the change me in and is even starting to make better food choices. My husband is not the only one who has notice the change everyone who knows me is happy to see me so happy again. I can’t thank Dr. Billings and his staff enough for their support and encouragement during my treatment.

Erica B.

The Tran family LOVES Dr. Billings and his wonderful staff. Dr. B always makes you feel at ease. We feel that examinations and cleanings are thorough but you don’t spend all day at the office. Wait times are pretty short, they are always accommodating with scheduling which for us is important having 3 small children. We recommended Dr. B to my mom and uncle who moved here from CA and they love him now too! The office is state of the art and up to date with technology. They are always trying to bring the newest things for their patients. I cant recommend this practice enough!

Corine T.

Luv us some Dr. B and his staff. Always courteous and great to work with. Dr. B is attentive and makes you feel at ease, even when he has to drill or give a pulp test. Every examination is thorough and he makes sure he’s making the right decision for your individual needs. Unnecessary dental work is NEVER done. We highly recommend Dr. B and his staff. Go Yankees!

Jeanette M.

Thank you for the SomnoMed sleep apnea appliance. Before this I snored all night long! My wife had to nudge me to stop. Now I am snore FREE. My energy level is high for a 78 year old man.

Bill P.

My family & I have been patients of Dr. B since he was located in St. Bernard Parish. He and his staff are very professional and friendly. He’s always up to date on the latest technologies and is very knowledgeable. I am happy to say, he treats us, our children, and our grandchildren. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a long term dental office for their family!

Bocaj J.

I’ve never understood why people are so afraid to go to the dentist… I have been going to Dr. Billings ever since I was a child, and even as a child I loved going! Dr. Billings and his staff are always so kind and alway’s know how to make me feel comfortable! I’ve had several procedures done in his office and am currently wearing braces. I can honestly say I’m very pleased with the outcome so far and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for quality dental care!

Melanie W.

Trying to write something short and to the point is very hard when I, as well as my family, have been seeing the same dentist and his staff for over 15 years. Dr. Terry Billings, or Dr. “B” which is what his staff and the majority of his patients refer to him as, is one “SMART COOKIE”! His office contains the latest technological equipment in dentistry. Over the years I have had routine procedures like cleanings. But, I have had some major dental work done that would have been much too complicated for most dentists and their staff! He and his staff treats every patient, whether they are a toddler or a silver sneaker groupie, with the utmost respect and sensitivity. They are like one big family that makes you feel welcome!

Patti H.


Marvin N.

The work Dr. Billing’s has done with my 14 year old daughter is amazing. He keeps us updated on all progress and his technology is very detailed. The staff knows you when you walk in and and you are not just another patient. The wait is minimal. I also like how they decorate for every holiday! 🙂

Dawn H.

Truly exceptional! I avoided other dentists in the past like the plague, as they often made me feel uncomfortable, caused me pain, and were expensive. Dr. Billings’ practice is the true opposite. I am always treated with respect and kindness and gentleness. His rates are fair and honest.

More importantly, Dr Billings goes out of his way to insure you are happy with the results regardless of his profit margin. He and his staff are perfectionists who focus on customer satisfaction.

I have had extensive dental work performed by his office and have referred my family and friends. When you find a great dentist you spread the word. Dr. Billings is a great dentist and a kind man. I am lucky to have found him!!!!!!!!!

Jeff M.

For someone who has visited many dentists in my lifetime due to changing insurance coverages and other reasons, I would put the office of Dr. Terry Billings in Metairie at the top of my satisfaction list. Dr. Billings and his entire staff make every patient feel special. From the front desk checkin area where various oral health videos are shown, to the actual work performed by Dr. Billings and his well trained staff, the Doctor B experience has always been pleasant.
Armed with the latest equipment (kind of neat to see an X-Ray immediately on a screen right next to the dental chair), Dr. Billings explains everything thoroughly and taps into his years of professional dentistry experience. He has always been on the mark with my results.
One thing that stands out in this office as a patient checks in, goes for regularly scheduled cleanings, goes for dental checkups and procedures, and checks out at the billing section—–all of the personnel have been at the office for a number of years. It truly is a special family atmosphere, with a dentist and staff second to none.

John V.

Well I could right a book about how wonderful Dr. Billings and staff are to my family and I, since Katrina 2005 when it change all over lives and Dr, Billings office was just right “up the road” and he had to relocate, am so very happy he relocated about 45.minutes away, so what Katrina took away she didn’t take our dentist to far away from our family…..my son is now 35 years old and he started Dr.Billings in his early teenage years he had to ware braces and that in its self was wonderul visits with the Billings office. And he still sees Dr. Billings as does myself and husband still do. And when I first started Dr. Billings many years ago and I know I didn’t have the perfect mouth, he made me feel great knowing that all my dental fears where over, today I am so very happy with every visit. I have and its like seeing family so I really look forward to my 6 months check-up. You see I told you I could write a book……..I am very happy with all the new dental tecnology that Dr. Billings has to offer, am so happy all my dental work could be repaired and I am not wearing dentures, its unbelievable that crowns and all the other new dental tecnolgy that is available to us today.

Patricia P.

Dr. Billings was my dentist before my re-location 14 years ago and has remained my dentist. I travel 1 1/2 hours for my appointments. That should emphasize what a great dentist I think he is. I had many dental issues that eventually led to cosmestic work on my teeth. They are beautiful and I am complimented on them constantly. I will remain a faithful patient of Dr. Billings and his wonderful staff. Everyone there makes you feel like family! I would recommend him to anyone and have. Keep up the great work Dr. B and staff! Geaux Tigers!!!

Dana W.

Dr. Billings is a wonderful family man and spiritual individual. He is always very personable and good-natured. He cares a great deal about all of his patients.
Dr. Billings incorporates the newest technology and his office is immaculate.
He takes the time to show, tell, and provide explanations in layman’s terms to all of his patients.
His staff is also professsional and caring. They take their positions to heart and strive to make each visit comfortable and upbeat.
Of equal importance is the thoroughness with which Dr. Billings labors. He strives to make each visit as pain-free and time-efficient as possible.
My husband and I are very happy and proud to call Dr. Billings our dentist and our friend..

Sally B.

I just recently switched to Dr. Billings and I have had a great experience with him. I definetly recommend him to anyone looking for a new dentist.  Dr. Billings and the staff are all great!!

Christina G

Because I’m doing orthodontic treatment with Dr. Billings, I go to the office about once a month. They always have a smile on their faces and know you personally. I have also referred several friends to them and those friends are pleased as well with the care and service they receive. Definitely a positive experience every time I have an appointment!

Ashley B.

I began seeing Dr. Billings almost 15 years ago. He and his staff are wonderful. I had braces put on for the first time as an adult and couldn’t be happier with the results. Now, both of my children are also patients of Dr. Billings and truly love him and his staff. They even ask, “When are we going back to see Dr. Billings?” My daughter is scheduled to have her braces on very soon. I wouldn’t consider anyone else for orthodontics!

Michelle P.

Absolutely love the staff and Dr. B, its a place where you feel at ease not the scary place a dentist office can be. Highly recommend anyone to check them out and give them a chance. A+ all the way around!!

Alicia P.

I have been a patient of Dr. Billings for over 10 years. I have never had unnecessary work, cancelled appts, or trouble scheduling a timely, convenient appointment. The staff is very personable and always make the visit to this dentist office as pleasant as a trip to the dentist can be. I highly recommend Dr. Billings and his staff.

Amy C.