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My TMJ treatment has improved my overall health and well-being

Having been diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2003, I was fitted for a head-gear breathing apparatus to alleviate the condition. After struggling with discomfort and lack of sleep, I discontinued use of the device. During a visit to my cardiologist in 2017, I was ordered to take another sleep test which revealed that the condition had reached a dangerous level and that it must be addressed immediately. I shared with Dr. G. Johnson my concerns from the past and he informed me that a new mouth piece for this sleep disorder was available and referred me to Dr. Terry Billings, DDS.

I contacted Dr. Billings and during my first appointment with him, after a series of tests, he determined that I had another condition, TMJ, which would have to be treated before addressing the sleep disorder. He explained to me that I would have to wear mouthpieces, one by day and one by night, for twelve weeks to correct this issue. My instant reaction was that as a Catholic priest serving as the rector of the St. Louis Cathedral, I often celebrate televised Masses during which a mouthpiece would certainly be a deterrent. Dr. Billings patiently and understandingly explained that I really had no option but assured me that he would be able to make weekly adjustments to the mouthpieces that would help with these concerns.

Now as I approach the final weeks of this treatment, I am pleased to share that I have been most satisfied with the care and attention of both Dr. Billings and his staff. The level of professionalism and proficiency which I have experienced in the weekly office visits have made a challenging issue bearable. It is amazing to me what the treatment of the TMJ has done for my overall health and well-being and as I now await the mouthpiece to address my sleep disorder I am most grateful to Dr. Billings for his diagnosis and excellent treatment during this period of preparation for it.

Very Rev. Philip G. Landry
St. Louis Cathedral

Combination of our TMJ therapy and sleep apnea treatment

“So today we’re here with Zachary who is a combination of our TMJ therapy and sleep apnea patients. Tell us about your experience with what got you in to do a sleep study.”

“I couldn’t open my mouth and I knew that something was up. So I made a phone call to come in and they did like the little measurement and obviously it wasn’t what it was supposed to be. So, at first, I took some steroids and you know it went away and I was fine. And then a couple of weeks later it came back and I was, like, something must really be up. So I came back in to do a sleep test. So I did a sleep test and come to find out I had sleep apnea and TMJ as well. So I had to get these two appliances and after weeks of daily treatment I was able to recover. Now, I wake up feeling like a million bucks.”

“So you got full range of motion now and all your pain your shoulder pain and back pain and hip pain is all gone.”

Thank goodness for Doctor Billings

“This morning we are with Miss Jerry and Miss Jerry was one of our both pain and sleep patients. She was a patient of the practice long before we recognize her need for treatment of pain and sleep. Miss Jerry? Tell us how we how we found out about you having sleep apnea?”

“Dr Billings, you noticed that I had some grinding of the teeth. You asked me some questions about pain I was having jaw pain, ear pain, neck pain and head pain. You did ask me how I was sleeping. I’ve told you I was not sleeping well did not feel refreshed and was awakening constantly during the night.”

“It was something that was covered by my health insurance after Dr. Bilings worked with my insurance company to have that approved as a medical need. Thank goodness for Doctor Billings.”

Another happy and pain-free patient!!

“Erica is a another combination sleep apnea patient and TMJ inflammatory patients. Erica was able to get rid of a lot of the pain coming from headaches, jaw pain and back pain. After treatment at Dr. Billings Dentistry, Erica now has her life back. So again Billings Family Dentistry is happy to be part of Erica’s therapy and recovery.”

Kids’ Snoring Linked to Hyperactivity

Kids’ Abnormal Breathing During Sleep Linked to Increased Risk for Behavioral Difficulties

Risk of Problems Later in Childhood Can Double with Snoring and Apnea

March 5, 2012 — (BRONX, NY) — A study of more than 11,000 children followed for over six years has found that young children with sleep-disordered breathing are prone to developing behavioral difficulties such as hyperactivity and aggressiveness, as well as emotional symptoms and difficulty with peer relationships, according to researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University. Their study, the largest and most comprehensive of its kind, published online today in the journal Pediatrics.

“This is the strongest evidence to date that snoring, mouth breathing, and apnea [abnormally long pauses in breathing during sleep] can have serious behavioral and social-emotional consequences for children,” said study leader Karen Bonuck, Ph.D., professor of family and social medicine and of obstetrics & gynecology and women’s health at Einstein. “Parents and pediatricians alike should be paying closer attention to sleep-disordered breathing in young children, perhaps as early as the first year of life.”

Sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) is a general term for breathing difficulties that occur during sleep. Its hallmarks are snoring (which is usually accompanied by mouth breathing) and sleep apnea. SDB reportedly peaks from two to six years of age, but also occurs in younger children. About 1 in 10 children snore regularly and 2 to 4 percent have sleep apnea, according to the American Academy of Otolaryngology–Health and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS). Common causes of SDB are enlarged tonsils or adenoids.

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